CLORALEN® Non-Chlorine Stain Remover

CLORALEN Non-Chlorine Stain Remover
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Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 8 reviews.

This product is amazing. I have tried many different stain removers/treatments. But this one by far is the most economical and easy to use. I don’t even scrub or pre-treat my clothes. I just add it along with my detergent and it gets out odors and stains.
- Mommyof2

Tried this on a whim, now I can't do my laundry without it. I've gotten my sister, my mother, and a couple friends to switch to this stuff and they agree - it works. I'm a big guy and at work I sit by a window and since our company keeps the A/C pretty low, it can get warm/stuffy. This means that I gently perspire all day and my clothes gets that gym smell. This stuff really gets that smell out and the scent is not strong - it just smells fresh and clean. Really freshened up my bath towels! This stuff is great, 100% recommend it. Oh, works great on freshening up kitchen sponges and towels too.
- AMiranda

I like this because it's non chlorine so I use it on all my laundry needs and it makes my whites look good without leaving them dingy looking. And the smell is awesome no strong bleach smell.
- MomOfTwo85

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