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CLORALEN Cleaners with Bleach
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Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

I have bought spray cleaners with bleach, but none have been as effective as CLORALEN bathroom cleaner! As with all cleaning products, put on rubber gloves and eye protection. I found it especially good using it on the plastic shower curtain. I spayed, waited about five minutes after sponging the stubborn areas, then spray with the shower arm and all looks good! A great product.
- Howard Kay

When I moved in, the bathroom of my apartment was a disaster. I thought the tile was grey until I used this cleaner on it. This is an AMAZING product.
- Rick OK

The oven in my friend’s hill country cabin, I kid you not, was covered in 50 years of grease. This stuff cleaned off the range hood with hardly any work. I’m sold!
- cleaningninja88

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